What areas do you serve?
Our company's primary service area is Western India. However, we provide products and services throughout India. The Trivedi Group is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, but is constantly looking at expansion opportunities. We provide stainless steel storage services to homeowners, utilities, contractors, national distributors and industries mentioned.

What kind of services do you normally provide?
Buyers of our tanks rely on us for:

  • Storage consultation and specifications

  • Tank and foundation engineering and design

  • Turn-key new tank installation and tank replacement

  • Manufacturing services. Making others designs into reality.

  • Tank maintenance and inspection services

What information should be provided by purchaser?
Besides standard contact and order information, it is recommended the purchaser consider the following factors:

  • What is the required (or desired) storage capacity?

  • Preferred diameter and height. Are there restrictions to size? Measure the area available for tank installation.

  • Specific project or delivery location information and instructions.

  • Desired time of delivery or completion.

  • Seismic zone, snow loading or special wind conditions.

Where should we place a Stainless Steel water tank (SSWT)?
Do not place SSWT on an uneven and unstable surface. Fix the SSWT on the ground with bolt to the surface. This is to ensure that SSWT is well balanced and stable.

Also, the SSWT should not be placed in a small area or without proper ventilation as it will be difficult do service or maintenance.

In addition, please take adequate precautions to place SSWT away from chemical, flammable materials or cooling towers to prevent any heat or hazardous vapours which could affect properties of the SSWT.

Some important points to consider:

  • Never use any ferrous pipe fittings to connect with SSWT outlet/discharge or inlet and air vent. The ferrous pipe fittings get rusted and corroded. Use only SS304 or PVC/ABS material.

  • Do not leave overflow without any connection. Connecting over flow is necessary to guide discharge as desired and save spillage & wastage of water.

  • Do not connect pipe with SSWT without any support to avoid stress on SSWT to prevent tearing of the body or leakage.

  • We can provide extra holes of 1" and 1.5" BSP connection as per your requirement if proper location and size is indicted before production of the tank. The extra fittings will carry a nominal charge.

  • External lining can be added to indicate temperature.

  • Stirrer could be fitted independent of the tank, but one should be careful of the kind of load being applied on the tank.



  • Heat resistant - will not warp or deform under direct sunlight.
  • Warranty of 10 years
  • Rust and Leak proof
  • The material of construction is the most preferred material for use in the Food & Pharma Industries.
  • Longer Life span makes it one time investment.